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About us

26 Houhu Road, Humen Town,Dongguan City, Guangdong Prov. P.R.China
Year Established:
Total Employees:
Total Annual Revenue:
100 million USD-150 million USD
Export Percentage:
91% - 100%
Major markets and proportions:
North America 9% , South America 12% , Eastern Europe 18% , Southeast Asia 6% , Oceania 10% , Western Europe 25% , Domestic Market 20%

Hucais Printing has made continuous technological innovation. Now it has developed into versatile production lines for large scale production of middle and high-end packaging, customized image products, on-demand printing for Zero Stock, customized packaging for small batch of production, security and publishing printing, etc.

In the past 30 years, Hucais Printing has developed rapidly and made remarkable achievements. In 2015, the company was listed successfully, and its operating revenue in 2018 was 219 million US dollars. In 2017, Hucais Printing was selected as the pilot enterprise of "Doubling Revenue Plan" by Dongguan municipal government. By the end of 2018, the company had applied for 192 patents and granted 157 patents,destined to be a leading printing enterprise with permanent scientific and technological innovation.

Our Business & Products

Hucais Printing’s business scope covers traditional offset & gravure printing and latest digital printing. For traditional printing, it provides middle and high-end packaging products to worldwide business partners demanding for quality and innovation. For digital printing, it is specialized to provide personalized image products, small batches of printing job and books printing.

Our Customers

For traditional offset and gravure printing, our customers include number of world famous companies or brands, such as Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, Givenchy, Chivas, Johnnie Walker, Hennessy, Remy MartinCamus, Philip Morris, Japanese Tobacco International, Chinese Tobacco, NestléWalmart, Procter & Gamble, Oppo Mobile, MI Mobile …publishing houses and agencies.

For digital printing business, our customers are thousands of individuals or families worldwide.

Our Main Production Bases & Offices

Our Mission

Following the trend of scientific and technological innovation and social development, Hucais Printing implements the strategy of "printing + Internet", creates a business model combining internet and cloud printing for achieving its ultimate mission of Letting printing enter thousands of households.

Our Values

Focusing on customer value by providing

*Cost: within the customer's cost budget, provide cost-effective printing services at competitive prices.

*Speed: flexible and quick response in dynamic service to meet customers' just-in-time delivery requirements and keep in sync with customers' production efficiency.

*Quality: based on the long-term and multi-batch service requirements of customers, we build a professional and standardized production and quality management system to ensure the high quality of products and the quality of non-same batch of prints is stable and consistent for a long time.

Constant Innovation and Study by always keeping the sense of crisis, keeping pace with the development of new technology and knowledge and create value to customers constantly.

We always believe that only with the competitive price, superior quality, perfect service, constant innovation and learning we can keep customers and win in the fierce competition in a long term.

Our Teams

Since its establishment, Hucais Printing has been committed to meeting the needs of customers, building a professional R & D and design team, continuously improving the quality requirements, strictly controlling the cost of core materials, and constantly improving the operation and management.

Innovation drives development. Hucais Printing has a well-known R & D and design team in the industry, whose functions include product planning, graphic and structure design, process design, etc. In 2009, Hucais Testing Center passed the examination of China National Accreditation Committee for conformity assessment, and became the first national certified testing center in printing industry. The testing center can be used for incoming inspection, process monitoring, finished product within environment simulation, etc.

Experience builds ability. Hucais Printing has a strong professional management team for production, technology, financing, logistic and so on. Two decades ago, the company began to recruit graduates for the first time in colleges and universities. Today, the first batch of graduates have become leaders and elites of today's management team. It is their familiarity with the company, the equipment, the market and the customers, and their shared experience and expertizes with the follow-up graduates that continually enhances customers’ confidence in Hucais Printing.

Details determine quality. Hucais Printing has more than 500 highly experienced manual packaging team. With their rich experience, the company can be competent for the rapid mass production of various high-end, complex gift boxes and become the 1st choice packaging supplier of the world's top luxury brands.

In addition to the perfect supplier review management system, strict procurement personnel training system, detailed procurement KPI assessment, procurement team and marketing team as well as R & D team work closely in high frequency, constantly to meet customers' comprehensive requirements for cost, quality and effect.

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