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Holographic Platinum Engraving Technic

In the past 32 years, Hucais always adheres to the path of innovation and independent R&D. In 2000, Hucais set up a R&D team of Holographic Platinum Engraving Technic, with extensive experienced engineers. Moreover, introduced the industry's first photolithography equipment in China. Then, Hucais began to research and develop Holographic Platinum Engraving Technic.

In 2013, we have researched & developed successfully that can record traditional holographic stripes. Meanwhile, it can change the depth, low-height of stripes in real time, this newest holographic plate-making technology is called “Holographic Platinum Engraving Technic”.

Products printed with holographic platinum engraving technic have a metal gloss, seems like platinum color. Beside this, it also has a visual unevenness, as well as a three-dimensional engraving effect, but the touch feel is flat when touched.

Product Application of Holographic Platinum Engraving Technic

Product Application Situation of Holographic Platinum Engraving Technic in the Market

Holographic Platinum Engraving Technic products have gradually entered the market and can be used on packaging for cigarette, wine, tea, health-care, and daily use necessary products. This technic are use for many famous brands in China, including more than 40 kinds of cigarette, 60 kinds of wine, and about 20 kinds of daily use necessary products. It helps lots of products stand out in the market and improve the sales volume for those brands. Welcome to contact us , if you have any interests.

Technic Advantages of Holographic Platinum Engraving

1. Enhancing artistic display effect

2. Replacing some post-press technics


3. Reducing the cost of technic 


Development Process of Holographic Platinum Engraving Technic

1. Development process

2. Development process

3. Development process


Difference between Holographic Platinum Engraving Technic and Ordinary Laser Technic

Before Holographic Platinum Engraving Technic, laser technic was popular in the paper printing & packaging industry, the products are produced that showing colorful rainbow colors by it. In addition to no texture, the resolution and color reproduction are low, which easily caused consumers' visual fatigue. In contrast, holographic platinum engraving technic not only has high-precision resolution, but its metallic high-light sense can also bring a high-end texture that is elegant and crystal-clear, which is very obvious in the visual differentiation of the product.

haracteristics for
Holographic Platinum Engraving Technic

1. Excellent adaptability

2. Upgrading visual effect


Overall Service Mode of Holographic Platinum Engraving Technic

R&D Paper for Holographic Platinum Engraving Technic

Hucais independently researched and developed the personalized design paper, special edition paper, universal paper and laser holographic film for holographic platinum engraving. It can be customized according to the customer's pattern, using the principle of photolithography lattice to focus on the gradation and texture of the pattern. Highlighting the metal highlight texture, and flexibly matching various pattern effects, providing the brand a sense of technological innovation and great visual impact.

Technique and Equipment Reserve for Holographic Platinum Engraving Technic

Hucais introduced the industry's most advanced photolithography equipment to make the holographic platinum engraving technic effect more perfect. We are cooperating with Hgtech which is a leading company of photolithography lattice equipment, with their assistance of the fourth generation lithography machine of Hgtech Simax, our products can get the highest resolution in the world.

Patents of Hucais’ Holographic Platinum Engraving Technic

In 2019, there are only 3 printing & packaging enterprise has ability to use holographic platinum engraving technic in China, Hucais is the leader in these 3 enterprises, we have applied numbers of patents, such as below patents:



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