Hucais Annual Party - 2020 The Year of The Rat


Last night, more than 1200 people gathered in Long Quan Hotel, Humen, Donguan to participate in the 31st Hucais Annual Party.

Below are excerpts from the Chairman, Mr. Chen chengwen's opening remarks.

Distinguished guests, friends and colleagues! Good evening!

In 2019, we held the celebration of the 30th anniversary of Hucais’ establishment. Representatives of customers, partners, suppliers and employees of 16 subsidiaries from all over the country gathered together, leaving behind very good memories. At the beginning of the 2020, a new journey is set off.

Three key phrases summarize the past and message to the future: put down the history, bear the responsibility, and with full confidence.

Put down the history

Looking back at Hucais 30 years of entrepreneurship road, we’ve been brilliant, also known as the industry "Printing Huang Pu Military Academy". We've been down, we've been back and forth between conservative survival and transformational development. But today we decide to put down all the history, all people of Hucais need to make a start again, to have an entrepreneurial mindset and spirit, to forget their own resources, background, success or failure. In the new market competition, treat yourself as a brand new member with the spirit of hard work to create products, defeat competitors, to win the market.

Bear the responsibility

In 2019, packaging business was divided into two business divisions. One is for traditional customers for big volume packaging, the other is for small-batch and multi-batch packaging business.

The publishing business focusing on print-on-demand market is actively promoting a new round of resource integration and the promotion of innovation mode to support Hucais great blueprint on publishing printing.

The image business launched its APP Xian Meng in 2019, now actively expands the business model of C2M and realizes the dream of Hucais Let printing into thousands of households step by step.

Every business unit carries out transformation in accordance with the strategic direction. At every step of transformation, it is seen the responsibility and pressure clearly on every people of Hucais.

Running a business is like running a long race of life. The most important thing is not the starting point, nor the speed, but responsibility and patience.

With full confidence

In 2020, the global economic situation will remain complex and volatile. We should be cautious but more optimistic. From the attempt of digital printing in 2011 to the present, the eight-year transformation of Hucais has brought us a huge lead. We invest when our profitability is good, avoiding the embarrassing situation that we want to transform but may not be able to do. Today's Hucais benefits from both long-term research and development in traditional printing and our investment in digital printing.

We caught the opportunity of industrial Internet. We should have the full confidence since Hucais, the ship, has passed through the canyon and the rapids, gradually came to the vast sea. We no longer need to worry about whether the transformation will fail. How do we get fish in ocean is what we need to think about.

Finally, our warmest wishes to you and your family, good luck and a Happy New Year!